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Christmas is just around the corner?! How did that happen?

One of the things I think about a lot, and was also part of the driver for OlnaLife, is the idea that we, as human beings, were never meant to be alone or feel that we are invisible. So with that in mind, we are doing a 'Remember a Senior'

Christmas Campaign here locally. We are going to seniors' lodges and organizations in our local communities and offering a Christmas gift tote filled with goodies for those seniors that have no family. Our list is gradually growing. The kind caregivers of these folks have provided us with first names and some idea of what they would like as a special treat in addition to what we already provide. There is a group of little girls from several local hockey teams that are making door decorations for the seniors and will be helping us to fill the totes. You can help us too by sponsoring a tote bag for a senior! Contact us at to find out how. When we started OlnaLife, we did it with the goal of creating a community. I think we are on our way.

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