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So what made us decide to start OlnaLife

The idea for OlnaLife was inspired by my Mom, Olga, and her volunteerism. With a couple of friends, she started putting together dignity packs, filled with toiletries and other small essentials, for those in need both here and abroad. 

The original dignity packs were packaged in plastic bags and relied heavily on donations.

We wanted to expand the giving, make it more eco-friendly and didn't want to rely on donations. The idea arose to create a business selling eco-friendly products to fund the giving. 

It was on this foundation that OlnaLife was born!

Now, almost all the toiletries are provided in biodegradable packaging and donated in reusable cotton bags created from recycled material. 

Oh and just as an FYI, our name comes from the first two letters of my Mom's name, Olga and the first two letters of my name, Naomi.


I have purchased several things from OlnaLife over the past two years. The quality and craftsmanship is always outstanding and I love that my purchases are helping in my community through OlnaLife’s giving back program. My favourite item is the Hope Tote - strong, sturdy, stylish. I also love that the tote is locally made and the handle is repurposed climbing rope.  It was the perfect tote to carry all of the great items included in the Christmas collaborative offering which had an amazing assortment of hand-picked locally made gift items. Highly recommend OlnaLife products.

- Heather

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