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Throughout her career in business, Naomi has worn many hats. A geologist by training, she has been an explorationist, a teacher, a technical writer and a lover of all things nature and science. Naomi has felt she has led a fortunate life and has long had a passion for supporting those in need. She has sat on the board of directors of charitable organizations and volunteered at homeless shelters and with meal programs for children. OlnaLife is the result of this background and the inspiration of her mom, Olga's, tireless volunteer spirit.

When she is at home, Naomi enjoys sharing a meal, a glass of wine and a laugh with her family and friends. She and her husband live in southern Alberta and are staff to their horses, dogs and cats.



Eric, too, has worn many hats in his long career. His passions include everything from engineering, project management, and other aspects of building and construction to the farm to table and sustainable aspects of the food industry. With his involvement in and ownership of several small businesses over his career, Eric brings a wealth of experience.

Eric believes in the importance of giving back to the communities that have served him so well.  He has sat on the board of directors for charitable organizations and co-operatives and continues to invest in his local community through charitable donations to food banks and other food and food security initiatives.  
At home, Eric enjoys puttering on the farm with his wife, managing the horses, dogs and cats along with cooking and creating new recipes to share with friends and family.  

Thank you OlnaLife for your wonderful products and amazing service! I have ordered a few times now with Naomi and she is always quick to respond and deliver!


Every item I have purchased has been a gift and every person who has received them has loved them dearly! And knowing that every purchase will help less fortunate makes it that much more special!


I highly recommend working with Naomi!



Volunteer Co-ordinator

Heather grew up in an active family that has always made time to give back to the community. An engineer by background, she brings a practical and problem-solving approach to all of her volunteer work. Heather currently sits on two Not-for-Profit boards, coordinates a weekly volunteer community group for Brown Bagging for Calgary's Kids, and is a minor hockey coach for Girl's Hockey Calgary. She was also the volunteer Playground Director and Learning Grounds Director for her children's school when it first opened, completing two large capital projects in two years.  


Heather's involvement in OlnaLife started over coffee one day when she volunteered the hockey team she was coaching to fill totes for Seniors at Christmas, which has now grown into an annual project. She loves to work with kids to understand how fortunate many of us are, and to start giving back at an early age.

Heather lives in Calgary with her husband, three small girls and their family dog.  She enjoys spending time with family and friends, cooking, and staying healthy.

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