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A Pocket Full of Dignity

OlnaLife Dignity Backpack and contents

The creation and giving of  dignity backpacks is supported through the sale of sustainable, reusable and recyclable  products. OlnaLife products can be purchased either individually or in batches for your team, company or organization.

All OlnaLife products are carefully selected for usefulness and durability. Our goal is to offer ethically produced products that won't harm the environment.. 

Dignity Bag Features:

  • Durable - designed to stand up to wear and tear

  • Water-resistant fabric

  • PVC free

Content Features:

  • Many toiletries provided in the dignity pack come in biodegradable packaging. We are always looking for new product sources that don’t harm the environment!

  • Basic contents include shampoo/conditioner, soap, moisturizer, lip balm, band-aids, comb, toothpaste, water bottle, washcloth, and towel

  • Additional products are added, depending on the recipient. These can include; socks, toque, scarf, and gloves

  • We can customize! If an organization has specific giving needs, we are happy to work with them to make a dignity pack that meets their requirements

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