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What does the OlnaLife tribe look like?

Updated: May 9, 2020

When I started the OlnaLife journey, I wasn't really prepared for the incredible opportunities and people that would cross my path. I had often heard that when you open your heart and mind to the universe, you will be amazed at what presents itself. To be honest, I was a bit skeptical. Not anymore! From the wonderful supportive gals that I met at C-space in Calgary Alberta to the new comers to this country that are collaborating with us (stay tuned for this one!), they have all shown me that connection and community is everywhere you look. Today I met four little girls' hockey teams that volunteered to put together 100 tote bags for seniors that don't have family or are living in isolation. Not only did they put together the bags, they made decorations, purchased special treats and wrote letters. This has been the most uplifting journey and it gets better every day! I encourage you all to open your hearts and minds out there. Your tribe will find you.

Our group of hockey players that volunteered with OlnaLife
Volunteer in Calgary

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